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This is awesome!

- Keeping Enter pressed maintains your cube's ascension.
- Medals work (need to refresh)
- Using "space" is a bad idea (scrolls page down).
- There's some JS errors, like:
" var sourceLength = arraySequence[0].length; => TypeError: undefined has no properties "

Edit: Alright. That library has issues: https://github.com/processing/p5.js-sound/issues

MohinathAnimations responds:

thanks for the feedback! I might make an update that removes the space. also I did not know where the error with a variable sourceLength came from and never had a variable named that in the game. I think its from the p5.sound.js library.

Girl that lives in a Cave and says "Hogmeat" in the "Pain Chamber"... Uh, can we not?
Wait I just skipped the text, why was there a Horny Meter during a meeting?
I thought it was just going to be fetish porn or something, I am so confused.

... 4 Stars for the Evangelion (What the Hell is going on?) "Congratulations"-like ending.

I made a Clown.
One of the mouths is a Clock!

Little-Rena responds:

Clock Mouth!

Yeah, the whole West/East wasn't well thought out. Other then that it's not bad.
Might as well call it Weast.

Walkthrough: North, Hide behind second rock, Ambush when bad guy is over the first rock, South, Click the Clip (frees BF), East, (W)East, Click the tiny "Next" button on the right. Click the boss guy, Click the new Gun (ends demo)

Beat the game my arse, you're getting spanked after you said "Honk"!
Is there a reason behind 37?

sunchips responds:

lol its a mystery

(there's no rhyme or reason to it)

Don't press the big button repeatedly (in hopes of getting an Angry Faic)
PS: We had one the first time so I couldn't help myself. :x

I suspect that the Challenge is always the same. Or maybe that's too many Ame's and Natsu's.

Little-Rena responds:

I thought about giving Angry Faic an apperence, maybe next time!

Really cool, awesome to know about the Kickstarter too.

Little-Rena responds:


Could use some work. "Dead" without seeing enemies but shooting shows there were (invisible) "China"s around.
"Dead" is over the guns, meaning that it's not centered vertically.
Space (fire) + Scroll Down (reload) works together, making it easy to just keep Space pressed and reload.

RTC641 responds:

cool man i will keep that in mind.
btw try it with the arrow keys

Cool mini-games!

- 100 coins for a Sticker is a little steep (= 5pt Medal)
- Castle Crashers themed one is multiplayer only
- It's rather slow when switching to/from a game.

- Nice variety of games
- Medals work great

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