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Makes me a little conflicted, Google gave a clear-cut definition ("... the phrase as a euphemism for sex was inspired by at least two writers ...") but it took her 5 seconds to get it?
She's cute and her expressions were Fire though, well done.

PS: I get using the Tweet Twoot characters as Birds over their sounds but isn't that confusing to viewers that never saw that animation?

Now I want the meeting scene with "Uh, Nee-ow?"
Good job, it sums that up nicely.

shintsukimi205 responds:


Figures. Remember kids, never go to a "Comedy Show" at 4AM.

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This is awesome!

- Keeping Enter pressed maintains your cube's ascension.
- Medals work (need to refresh)
- Using "space" is a bad idea (scrolls page down).
- There's some JS errors, like:
" var sourceLength = arraySequence[0].length; => TypeError: undefined has no properties "

Edit: Alright. That library has issues: https://github.com/processing/p5.js-sound/issues

MohinathAnimations responds:

thanks for the feedback! I might make an update that removes the space. also I did not know where the error with a variable sourceLength came from and never had a variable named that in the game. I think its from the p5.sound.js library.

Girl that lives in a Cave and says "Hogmeat" in the "Pain Chamber"... Uh, can we not?
Wait I just skipped the text, why was there a Horny Meter during a meeting?
I thought it was just going to be fetish porn or something, I am so confused.

... 4 Stars for the Evangelion (What the Hell is going on?) "Congratulations"-like ending.

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That Bouncer is out for some Clubbing.
Nice song :)

Nice work guys, these were nice.
That's the shortest Home Alone ever. :P [Home Alone-ish]
6-6-6 6-6-6 6-6-6 6-6-6, is that the Devil's phone number? [The Ouija Board]
The advert remind me of a skit about a multiple-negative-adjective (nerdy wimpy ...) voice that was perfect for a part. Coincidence, I think not! [first AD Break]
What's this about Vegetation not standing in her way. Freaking Vegans man [Dauntless Dora]
"Your Soul is still of adequate Size," heh. [Existence is Futile]
Friend Juice! Expected "Lambo'" instead of "Lamborghini" like the Rich say it. [second AD Break]
"Consuming massive amounts of Energy Drinks" But totally not Friend Juice, right? [Too Much Energy]
Adobeee-Flaaash! vs Fruit and Money. The Ultimate Showdown! [Flash Fight]

chitstain responds:

I'm just happy you liked my dumb joke in "Existence is Futile" haha

Lovely tune, good job!

SuperCat904 responds:

Thank You!

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Sorry Daisy but his cake was in another Castle. (couldn't stop myself)

That's not low-effort, you colored him!

Yeah, 10%. Like when you have sex with a pillow.

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