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Titilonic's News

Posted by Titilonic - June 15th, 2021

Nobody knows, certainly not @me or even me! (that joke never gets old, right?)

My attempts at drawing aren't much better and I keep thinking of making games. Damn my creative tendencies, also my desire to put the carrier in front of the interceptors (haha, Starcraft reference).

And if you're thinking "But Titi, what attempts?" Just look at this crappy logo I tried to make:


Hideous, or maybe I'm just too used to those smooth perfect vector lines drawn without the jittery hand. Maybe I should make art, regardless of how bad it looks to improve? Well obviously, I'm just lazy.

Side-note: Apparently you have to be a Gold member on Ko-Fi to have 0% Fees now. Good for them but I'm out. Not like I payed much attention to it anyway.



Posted by Titilonic - June 4th, 2021

I made that game full of medals for Pico Day?

Well it's funny because this was my take on a supporter medal-badge: iu_322483_8127375.png and, looking at it, reminds me of the Corona logo/thing.

(get out of here Cat, go have dinner instead of posting random nonsense)



Posted by Titilonic - May 30th, 2021

And I gotta say, I do not like Purple+Pink.


also, the details are too much. So I'll stick to the previous one and improve from there:




Posted by Titilonic - May 9th, 2021

As usual I'm (wasting time) researching interesting topics and found out that there's a lot of past threads about Phobias, like this one, and got links to two big lists: Phobia List, Wikipedia.

Maybe one day you could use this information to your advantage. It has certainly taught me that some Phobia-named games (very NSFW, don't look for them) weren't about what I thought at all.

Also, Xanthophobia (fear of the color/word yellow) shows that it can apply to anything.


PS: My lack of Krita skills makes me a sad Kitty... and my urge to go back to Vector much greater :(



Posted by Titilonic - May 1st, 2021

Boy, making my little PicoDay2021 entry was hard work. Wick showed its ugly side more often than I'd like and it's way worse than shortcuts (like Ctrl+Z) not working.

It was fun Collaborating and I learned new things, like how to use MaryTTS. How to trick it to say what you want (on that note: good luck getting it to say "read") and that sort of stuff.

Now I deserve a big, long break. Life's been nudging me for a while anyway and Kitty's got to eat.

As a little bonus, here's the Team text for the entry. You may find how much happened interesting:

2021-04-21: Wick sucks... (same loading > black screen > game loop, despite only having 7+ MB). So screw that, just keep it simple.

2021-04-16: Apparently starting over is the only way to make sure that everything unnecessary gets deleted. Right now there's only the intro and NG API stuff but I will copy the rest, soon. (that's 21+ to 5+ MB for almost the same stuff, minus the Houses, etc). I'm going to split each House into its own WICKOBJ to try and make it based on components instead of frames. [note that I didn't turn them into WICKOBJ, just Clips so scripts worked]


(x) Change title. Only 3D Houses/Things explode.

(x) "Loader", more like an Intro really

(x) Get Medals working (they were supposed to be working but, as usual, stuff happens)

(x) Have the background Clouds float/wobble

(x) Clicking the Sun makes it explode and everything goes dark (way to restart the game)

(x) Credits

__2021-04-09 > Added a "Welcome to ..." sign, also got the first medal working (Mewgrounds! How could I resist?)

(x) Blowy sound (clicking Houses/Clouds and Reseting)

(x) 2D House preview. Leave people thinking it's just another simple game

(x) Apartment (Cyan)

__(x) House

____(x) Red Background (Xsplosive)

____(x) Red Contents

______Newbots are playing, like a certain painting. The idea is to include the designs I've been making and my own little Newbot (R-Bot) in there, I mean it's not fair if there's only 1 girl (F-Bot) <3

______2021-04-30: Leave her for Robot Day or something

__(x) Sounds

____(x) Yellow Background

____(x) Yellow Contents > BF, GF and her Mom

______2021-05-03: Later replaced the Mom by Alien Hominid 'cuz NG References!

____(x) Sounds

(x) NG Storage House (Orange)

__(x) House

__(x) Background (storage room)

__(x) Contents

__(x) Sounds

(x) Pico House (Green):

__(x) House

__(x) Background

__(x) Contents (Pico & Darnell plotting)

Mini Games:

__(x) Tom Hunter (medal), click all in-game images of Tom Fulp

__(x) Crash: click a box in the Orange house then press Refresh a few times or Supporter since NG is down (I have several pictures of this happening, especially now with FNF)


(-) Pin the lit fuse on the Dynamite

2021-04-09 > The fuse is actually a Torch so the user is blinded by darkness

(-) Clicking the Mouse starts a Mouse Off mini-game involving mousing off. If it's not a thing then make it a thing.

2021-04-09 > Make a Rival for Star.

(-) "Kill the Infection" mini-game where you obliterate big Amoebas or something with a machine-gun/bazooka

(x) Make something go to Support Newgrounds?

(-) Add a (Over)Watch and do some silly animation related to the Clock-Crew?

(-) Make fun at Pico = peak/bill in Spanish and Nene = kid.

(-) Add a Spooky House that only opens near midnight? Related to Spooky Month


  • Mini-games
  • "Lemonadez" < Pico Day game (Pico and Friends?) where the kid from Dad 'n' Me is in a Lemonade stand


  • Flag the game as A so people will play it expecting hot lewds but instead add scenes of extreme violence and gore (don't bother researching mouse anatomy, just wing it)

______Hehehe, I mean... No! I would never do that to my fans.

  • Have a House show its family (a Wife House, a Child House and a Dog House) as it pleads to not be clicked

______I'm such a bad kitty.

  • The cops show up after blowing the House family up and the player has to press a combination of keys to escape or goes to jail and game over as the serial arsonist that he is?
  • Make the full Ouroborus House (pink) : This would involve it having 6 or more rooms and looping.

______2021-05-01: Note that this House was made + exploded before it was removed later in development.

  • I should actually make 9 Houses this time (first game had 1, second had 3, so... 3 times 3)

____Get real kitty, finish them before you consider adding more.



Posted by Titilonic - April 20th, 2021

It's perfectly expectable since I was reacting to a thread where the PIQ (Person In Question) posted a lot (we're talking several double/triple-posts here).

Couldn't even answer the PM. Sorry PIQ.

On the other hand I did warn you...

Don't take it personally, I'm very reactive. Some people even thought I was stalking them (understandable since you only see reactions to your own posts but trust me, you're caught in an avalanche of them).

PS: NG was down a while ago so my triumphant return would naturally involve tons of reactions.



Posted by Titilonic - April 14th, 2021

I'm in love with this webcomic (Prequel) which shows the adventures of Katia Managan.

Never had I expected an interactive segment dedicated entirely to nabbing stuff!

As an Elder Scrolls player I feel a certain resemblance to my own adventures where I play as a Mage who strips everything bare (people included) for the experience. Sadly they were eventually refilled and the proof of my presence, gone.



Posted by Titilonic - April 2nd, 2021

I sure hope the Wick Editor will handle the Pico Day entry I've been cooking up.

Just this little screen was more work than it should have been. Here's a sneak peak:


  • Do you like the cookie colored intro?
  • Should I capitalize it (NEWGROUNDS)?

As usual this lazy cat has too many ideas for her widdle paws to handle but I want it to be special this time so "Excuse me, Princess!" (dang he says that a lot)

Edit: I posted about it here and the resounding majority said all-caps was the way to go.




Posted by Titilonic - March 24th, 2021

I've seen many looking for Inspiration and found a tool that gives you 3 random words.

Here's an example: "Beautifully, Fit, Wildcat". Me-wow!

Oh and it was made in the Wick Editor but it doesn't matter for something so simple. I learned about it from a post on its forum.

I'm thinking of making the Untitled Click Game 3 for Pico Day. Meaning that it will only come out in May 1st.



Posted by Titilonic - March 11th, 2021

Bomb Gobbler, the overly simple game made solely to learn how to unlock medals currently has a score of 3.13, while Roxie Rockets my lovely swallow-em-up and previous leader has 2.76.

This made me conflicted at first but it means that I'm on the right track in not focusing on "adult" games. It's like one of those things that you hear all the time, "focus on the game-play not the graphics" yet it was important for me to experience it first hand.

As usual I'll add a tidbit of actual news and say that I have also started working on the Untitled Click Game 3 and have several ideas involving things blowing up.