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Titilonic's News

Posted by Titilonic - March 10th, 2021

But how else would someone, lazy like me, reach level 100 on Skeleton and Skulls?

The game is fun but the screen shakes so much (exploding enemies) you'll eventually be pressing 1 and 2 (summon skeleton keys) blindly then wait 'till your skellies kill everything.




Posted by Titilonic - February 25th, 2021

This game was a surprise!

Never thought that a Cat (me) would play a game where a giant Cat is vibbin' behind another Cat who's next to a pink Tart. Guess it's just Art, or something something Fart. Is this Cat-ception or Real Life?




Posted by Titilonic - February 21st, 2021

Ideas for Untitled click game 3:

  • Find a better, less obvious name like you did for Roxie Rockets 2
  • The credits should be on a separate button in the main UI along with options
  • Add a (blind) Pin the lit fuse on the Dynamite mini-game
  • Clicking the Mouse starts a Mouse Off mini-game involving mousing off. If it's not a thing then make it a thing
  • Flag the game as A so people will play it expecting hot lewds but instead add scenes of extreme violence and gore (don't bother researching mouse anatomy, just wing it)
  • Work on Roxie Rockets Twice like a good cat instead of letting your mind drift
  • Or making silly lists like this one



Posted by Titilonic - February 16th, 2021

However, they look nice and I'm lazy so...

In other news, I'm taking a break (from Newgrounds) and focusing on arting...

There's no such thing? Well, consider it a term invented by me. Also, Poke you you pedantic snob! (#sick-burn)

Meanwhile go watch John Lennon screaming or something...

Titi out.



Posted by Titilonic - February 15th, 2021

Hello, you might have played the incredible "Don't click the House" or its predecessor.

These were both made in the Wick Editor, Desktop version 1.19 to be exact.

Onto what I learned:

  • Ignore warnings about adding “editor.$blockScrolling = Infinity” , it’ll stop the game from getting focus/mouse events
  • If Ctrl+Z/hotkey doesn’t work it’s because Caps-lock is on
  • Ctrl+G makes a Movie Clip
  • Double-clicking a Movie Clip/Button opens it
  • Scripts inside a Movie Clip won’t work, except for “stop()”? Probably issues with the this keyword.
  • To access a variable in the main context from a Movie Clip you can use (this.)parent.COMPONENT.variable
  • Buttons have 3 frames and 2 (over) is on when testing.
  • Frames aren’t declared until they are reached, meaning you can’t change FRAME.variable in preparation for future runs and expect that FRAME to exist (use project.variable instead of local ones)
  • Remember that the size is 720x480 by default so make sure to change the values to that when adding a project to Newgrounds or you’ll see the things around the frame (like in Flash)

Phew, I'm glad that's off of my chest.

Edit: Learned a few things, here: https://forum.wickeditor.com/t/lessons-learned-from-2-minigames/5633



Posted by Titilonic - February 8th, 2021

But I'm not telling. -smirk-

Love, that teasing Cat.

I'm also thinking of making something special based on the Wicked Smiles.They're cute and naughty.

Edit: Made this:



Posted by Titilonic - February 5th, 2021

Holy guacamole Batdude, the second game almost has the same score as the fist crappy one!

The lack of lewdities left and right was sure to suck interest out of it (haha, cock joke, wait can I write this?).

Cute sounds aside, I bet it'll go lower out of spite for not having them lewds.

The opinions are in, and players want hot, sweaty lewds. Not some girl swallowing whatever with her big mouth.



Posted by Titilonic - January 31st, 2021

And it's done, it's finally done. 1 glorious, never-ending level. Déjà vu... but the first game was actually just that 1 level and this has a Tutorial and Game-Over scenes... *sob*

Play it here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/project/1545026

Feel free to talk shit, I'm pretty sure there are bugs (the thing that you always find just before a release).

I'm going to take a break, maybe get artsy, since I have reasons to believe I'm experiencing burn-out. Sure I got sick (still am?) but I was shooting myself in the foot and wrecking previous work like a mad-cat. Thank goodness for Backups!

Edit: I fixed that annoying bug that made her gape. Check the dev-log out if you want to see scary (Godot) game innards.

Edit2: Added a few final adjustments and decided to post it as a demo as it's on par with the first game.


Posted by Titilonic - January 28th, 2021

Last time,

At 11/23/20 08:09 AM, Titilonic wrote: I was gifted this privilege by a kindred spirit...

But this time it was a Surprise!


And all I can say is...

I will find you, and I will Thank you!

[ reference: https://youtu.be/ROFsV18qrdQ?t=38 ]

Seriously though, I appreciate it. Sorry if that post attracted undesired attention.

In other news I haven't been very active, but that allowed for a rare opportunity. Look:


That's right, 3 different Newbots messaged me in sequence. Now I'm playing with power!

Oh my, "Playing with Power" is a thing... a Magic the Gathering thing. That'll teach me not to search for music on YouTube (not really).

Here's a cool. but unrelated. song instead.


Posted by Titilonic - January 14th, 2021

As you might have noticed, I'm 99% more likely to react to posts than make my own.

But now that I think about it, how many have thought "It's that damned Cat again" when they get a bunch of notifications? Some even thought that Newgrounds was malfunctioning. :x

But, in all honesty, I'm both procrastinating and being lazy.

I understand if anyone gets annoyed, sorry.

From Titi with love.

Wait, doesn't that make me the PurpleFluff?! (OrangeFluff tried to follow everyone up to the limit)

Oh my, sorry everyone I never wanted to stress test the Portal.

PS: The game's coming along, but I'm only posting about it once it has 1 full level.