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Hey Look!

Posted by Titilonic - February 25th, 2021

This game was a surprise!

Never thought that a Cat (me) would play a game where a giant Cat is vibbin' behind another Cat who's next to a pink Tart. Guess it's just Art, or something something Fart. Is this Cat-ception or Real Life?




Comments (7)

Hahaa, played that one too. A lot of cool cats making games on these Grounds hmm!

Yeah :D My games are either lazy or barely enough to be A-rated though. I just have a devious mind.

Barely enough to get A-rated?! XD They don't need to be A-rated to be good though do they (not that I mind A-rated either)! This Pop-Tart one was pretty family friendly and all...

Simple stuff's fun though. I like how it all seems to be coming back now. For a lot of years it seems developers were raising the bar a bit too much, everyone had so high expectations for what an online game was supposed to be, but it's a bit more like back in the day now. Anything goes.

And the simplest things can really be the most enjoyable.

It all started when I played adult Flash games like The Legend of Krystal and fell in love with the idea. I was dead-set on making adult games, without Flash! (it was going to end and all that jazz)
But having lots of ideas, naughty or whatever, doesn't mean the game is exactly as I intended it to be. After all, making game is hard and tiresome, especially when you're alone. So now I'm just having fun, don't care what it turns out to be.
Also the more platforms I joined the harder it got to manage my online presence so I've been mostly around here.

Ah that explains things. You're on the right path though, start with small games and eventually you're bound to spiral into some big titles like so! Now that Flash is set to live on forever too there's no limitation there if that's your preference. :)

Ah yeah I relate to that! I'm pretty much only here these days. Except for my own site. Just impossible to really be active anywhere if I don't really zone in, and as other communities came and went or just totally flipped out and weren't all that fun to be... this place remained that one place that stayed worthy!

I learned of apps/services that share in several sites at the same time but I'm too lazy to learn about it for now.

Been noticing a lot of creators use this for cross-platform content: https://www.postybirb.com/

...but actual community participation in multiple places through the same platform? If you know something I don't know I'd love to hear about it. Intriguing.

No it was exactly that. Just posts in several places, no actual participation.

Aha. :D Well if you ever stumble upon something: all ears.

Definitely seems useful if you want more exposure though, if you really make a living on this thing it almost seems like a must have with something that. If you have your own site there are similar scripts you can install to cross-post everything to other platforms too. Tried a couple for Twitter and Tumblr back in the day, and they did work great, just didn't keep at it for some reason...

Will do :)
There's a few suggestions on (https://alternativeto.net/software/postybirb/) or just searching for Social Media Marketing (https://www.goodfirms.co/blog/best-free-open-source-social-media-marketing-software) but I'll likely focus on making games for now. :3

Woo, the amount of alternatives listed here: https://alternativeto.net/software/promorepublic/?license=free

Seems like Postybirb maybe wasn't the most popular one there, though only one I've really seen used, maybe others are more anonymous. Actually maybe most of these don't post to NG though...

Thanks for the links, though intimidating thing to get into at this point with how much is out there. :) And how big a business is this, all these companies with paid plans too, must be a looooot of people using these...

Probably a good thing to focus just on that. :P Keeping it simple. Not getting lost in this costly cosmic buzz now...

Woah, looking at your link really shows that. Must be all the rage.
I only knew of PostyBirb, think I saw it mentioned in the BBS.

Yeah. :3

There's definitely way too much rage in the world these days. :P

Ah, personally I found out about via the 'posted by PostyBirb' notes under newsposts I occasionally stumbled upon. Not all that often, just a few so far, assume more people might be using it with that message removed.