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Sleepy Kitty

Posted by Titilonic - May 1st, 2021

Boy, making my little PicoDay2021 entry was hard work. Wick showed its ugly side more often than I'd like and it's way worse than shortcuts (like Ctrl+Z) not working.

It was fun Collaborating and I learned new things, like how to use MaryTTS. How to trick it to say what you want (on that note: good luck getting it to say "read") and that sort of stuff.

Now I deserve a big, long break. Life's been nudging me for a while anyway and Kitty's got to eat.

As a little bonus, here's the Team text for the entry. You may find how much happened interesting:

2021-04-21: Wick sucks... (same loading > black screen > game loop, despite only having 7+ MB). So screw that, just keep it simple.

2021-04-16: Apparently starting over is the only way to make sure that everything unnecessary gets deleted. Right now there's only the intro and NG API stuff but I will copy the rest, soon. (that's 21+ to 5+ MB for almost the same stuff, minus the Houses, etc). I'm going to split each House into its own WICKOBJ to try and make it based on components instead of frames. [note that I didn't turn them into WICKOBJ, just Clips so scripts worked]


(x) Change title. Only 3D Houses/Things explode.

(x) "Loader", more like an Intro really

(x) Get Medals working (they were supposed to be working but, as usual, stuff happens)

(x) Have the background Clouds float/wobble

(x) Clicking the Sun makes it explode and everything goes dark (way to restart the game)

(x) Credits

__2021-04-09 > Added a "Welcome to ..." sign, also got the first medal working (Mewgrounds! How could I resist?)

(x) Blowy sound (clicking Houses/Clouds and Reseting)

(x) 2D House preview. Leave people thinking it's just another simple game

(x) Apartment (Cyan)

__(x) House

____(x) Red Background (Xsplosive)

____(x) Red Contents

______Newbots are playing, like a certain painting. The idea is to include the designs I've been making and my own little Newbot (R-Bot) in there, I mean it's not fair if there's only 1 girl (F-Bot) <3

______2021-04-30: Leave her for Robot Day or something

__(x) Sounds

____(x) Yellow Background

____(x) Yellow Contents > BF, GF and her Mom

______2021-05-03: Later replaced the Mom by Alien Hominid 'cuz NG References!

____(x) Sounds

(x) NG Storage House (Orange)

__(x) House

__(x) Background (storage room)

__(x) Contents

__(x) Sounds

(x) Pico House (Green):

__(x) House

__(x) Background

__(x) Contents (Pico & Darnell plotting)

Mini Games:

__(x) Tom Hunter (medal), click all in-game images of Tom Fulp

__(x) Crash: click a box in the Orange house then press Refresh a few times or Supporter since NG is down (I have several pictures of this happening, especially now with FNF)


(-) Pin the lit fuse on the Dynamite

2021-04-09 > The fuse is actually a Torch so the user is blinded by darkness

(-) Clicking the Mouse starts a Mouse Off mini-game involving mousing off. If it's not a thing then make it a thing.

2021-04-09 > Make a Rival for Star.

(-) "Kill the Infection" mini-game where you obliterate big Amoebas or something with a machine-gun/bazooka

(x) Make something go to Support Newgrounds?

(-) Add a (Over)Watch and do some silly animation related to the Clock-Crew?

(-) Make fun at Pico = peak/bill in Spanish and Nene = kid.

(-) Add a Spooky House that only opens near midnight? Related to Spooky Month


  • Mini-games
  • "Lemonadez" < Pico Day game (Pico and Friends?) where the kid from Dad 'n' Me is in a Lemonade stand


  • Flag the game as A so people will play it expecting hot lewds but instead add scenes of extreme violence and gore (don't bother researching mouse anatomy, just wing it)

______Hehehe, I mean... No! I would never do that to my fans.

  • Have a House show its family (a Wife House, a Child House and a Dog House) as it pleads to not be clicked

______I'm such a bad kitty.

  • The cops show up after blowing the House family up and the player has to press a combination of keys to escape or goes to jail and game over as the serial arsonist that he is?
  • Make the full Ouroborus House (pink) : This would involve it having 6 or more rooms and looping.

______2021-05-01: Note that this House was made + exploded before it was removed later in development.

  • I should actually make 9 Houses this time (first game had 1, second had 3, so... 3 times 3)

____Get real kitty, finish them before you consider adding more.