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Sweet, good job!

SomeTinyCritter responds:

Thank you very muchly!!

If it's a GIF, why not make the background transparent?
Edit: 'cuz GIFs can be transparent silly. Plus a darker background would look lovely.

PowPink responds:

Why tho?? What does it have to do with being a gif??? XDDD its a quick test too so it doesnt matter

These are pretty cute. Good job!

SomeTinyCritter responds:

Thanks, Titilonic!

According to Rule34: "If it exists there is porn of it" so you could say the same about anything.

Edit: It is weird, especially if you call her Mommy and Sexy (in game).

PowPink responds:

I know lol, i just find it weird

That's cu... wait where's the arms?

Edit: +0.5 Stars for Honesty.

PowPink responds:

They got none

Hold up, there's a Torchic in there!

MellonSnow responds:

Hellz yeaw there is! Easter isn't easter without chicks! haha xD

It's nice. Strands of hair are pretty random though.

Vulgaar responds:

You think so? I knew something was off about this

Very cute but why did you leave the numbers on the top-left?

spookysausage responds:

Hehe, forgot to erase it. I thought I'd just leave it there because it was gonna get cropped out anyway lmao

Aw that's cute. Poor green bird, it's hard being different. You need some chicken friends.

The realist in me says:
That bird would be dead as Bird parents push their offspring down trees so their instincts kick in and they fly.

Nabella responds:

Well, since he was born a flightless bird, I'd argue he probably has some adaptations that let him survive in his own way. Kind of wish I made that more apparent now that I'm finally looking at this comic again after almost 2 years!

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